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Is Apple Training Us For Touch?

[1]: [2]: Friend and fellow user experience blogger, [Nikolas Laufer-Edel][1]'s latest article [Leopard rethinks the OS, but this cat still has some spots to show][2] brings up a very interesting idea: **Is Apple teaching its users to be competent with low profile keyboards to get them ready for touch screen ...

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Usability 2.0 Presentation Slides

[1]: [2]: Here are the slides from the [Usability 2.0: Usability as a Conversation][2] talk I gave last night at the [VanUE][1]. | View | Upload your own

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iPhone Web App Directory

[1]: [2]: Checkout the new [iPhone Web App Directory][1] for all the latest mobile applications designed specifically for your iPhone. *Found through: [][2]*

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Usability 2.0 Presentation

[1]: [2]: Just wanted to let all y'all know that I will be speaking at the [VanUE][1] event on Tuesday October 16th. The talk will discuss the changes we've made in our usability process at [ADG][2] and the impact that it's had on both our work and the client's experience. The official abstract: > Ever ...

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